Stellar Associates, LLC is a Northwest management consulting firm and a women-owned business, headquartered in Olympia, providing clients with comprehensive and objective business, technical, and performance services designed to improve management decision making, staff productivity, business unit effectiveness, accountability, and success. We have built our reputation for high-quality, creative service based on our philosophy of service with an extra measure of value—service that goes beyond the typical requirements of a consulting engagement. We work with our clients to ensure our services, products, and recommendations are practical, helpful, and focused on client success.

Stellar Associates consultants have provided comprehensive organizational, financial, performance, and quality assurance services to many state and local government agencies. We strive for exceptional consulting by consistent quality, innovation, rigor, and objectivity that goes into each of our engagements. We are able to consistently exceed client expectations through our in-depth understanding of the state environment, the depth and breadth of our consultants combined skills and expertise, and an appreciation for the challenges inherent in public sector work.