Resource Management Services

Cost Management

Cost accounting and management reporting can provide the tools you need to learn about your organization and how what it spends its money on. Stellar Associates consultants are cost management experts. We have developed an approach to cost management implementation that puts the cost accounting tools in managers’ hands without requiring them to become accountants.

The structure of your cost accounting system design depends on your business, the information you want to know, and the incentives you want to set. We will help you develop a system that is appropriate to your organization.

We often find that cost accounting implementation stirs up other issues. It provides an opportunity to streamline accounting, organization, and reporting structures. It also can bring to light the true cost of providing a service to the public or an internal service such as accounting or human resources. Tough questions about the nature, the cost, and the level of these services often emerge. We understand that these issues are a natural companion to cost accounting and are ready to assist you with these needs, as well.

Financial Management Improvement

We can help you improve your current financial management system. Keeping in mind your specific needs and concerns, we will assess the efficiency of your financial management system within your unique business environment. With this assessment, we can work with you to design an overall blueprint for enhanced cost reporting, productivity improvement, and accountability. We can also help you develop the requirements for a new financial management system.

Sometimes your reporting systems behave exactly as you expect and sometimes they don’t. The problem may be what data is captured in the system. Stellar Associates can review your related processes, make recommendations, and in many cases, help you improve the results you are getting from your current systems.

Stellar Associates can evaluate your current budgeting tools and processes, including capital and multi-year budgeting processes, and make recommendations to improve your budget deliberations.

Workload and Staffing Assessments

Stellar Associates can develop a workload measurement methodology that enables you to model various workload scenarios to simulate changing staffing levels. This methodology is based upon statistical work sampling methods enabling an efficient and reliable means for calculating the amount of time required to manage a given workload. You are able to explain and defend your staffing needs based on the volume of work being performed, and you can simulate the effects of different policies or business process improvements on your staffing levels.