Here’s a snapshot of how Stellar can help you create magic, make sound business decisions, and empower your staff to drive results.

Project Quality Assurance

We have helped dozens of projects at numerous state government agencies to succeed. We come to the table with a deep awareness of common project risks, pitfalls, and lessons learned.

We provide quality assurance (QA) reviews for technology projects in accordance with QA standards in OCIO Policy #132. We assess project conditions against established PMBOK criteria, including management of the project plan, scope, schedule, and budget.

  • We identify gaps and analyze their cause. If the effects are material, we make recommendations to improve conditions
  • We identify risks and suggest avoidance/mitigation strategies.
  • We provide assessment reports on readiness, baseline risk (and monthly updates), and project closeout/lessons-learned.

Program and Financial Reviews

We bring a fresh, unbiased, and creative perspective to program, business, and financial managers. We can work with you to design an overall roadmap for enhanced financial and performance reporting, productivity improvements, and accountability.

Our program, organizational, and financial assessment approach consistently achieves highly effective results for our clients, due to our emphasis on collaborative, iterative processes and ongoing stakeholder feedback.

We partner with you to align on the objectives, to identify people, processes, records, and data which will help us better understand the environment, to collaborate with team members and stakeholders, and to track and report our progress. We typically focus on three basic steps:

  1. Gain a full understanding of the economic, political, and organizational environment.
  2. Analyze the organizational challenges, risks, and issues.
  3. Formulate realistic and actionable recommendations and plans.

Organizational Development (OD)

Our Organizational Development methodology is grounded in evidence-based practices and built on 30 years of practical experience with clients.

We work with our clients to ensure our services, products, and recommendations are practical, helpful, and focused on client success. Our reviews and assessments include a review of approaches and promising practices; engagement of internal and external stakeholders; a gap analysis between current practices and promising practices; analysis of options for improved efficiencies and cost mitigation strategies; and ongoing project and change management support.

Strategic Planning

Agencies and businesses are facing a multitude of challenges today, from daily business decisions to wicked problems that require a great time and effort to solve. Our clients are consistently having to wear multiple hats, and with the post-pandemic shifts, are often stretched just to get the work done.

We understand the changing landscape and the pressures facing leaders today. In times of uncertainty and change, it is critical to be grounded with a north star. Having a solid and well meaningful strategic plan can support leaders and all staff with an understanding of their agency’s mission and direction.

We work with teams of all sizes to right-size their strategic vision and plan. Our approach is not about word-smithing a vision statement, it is about pulling the collective energy and vision together to develop a plan for the future.

Lean and Process Improvement

The snowball effect is a process that starts from a seemingly small or insignificant act or decision and builds with other small acts, eventually creating a large result. Our approach to change and improvement is simple. Improvement starts with one simple change that can be compounded over time.

Our process improvement methodology is similar to Organizational Development, where, together with our client, we identify ways to close the gap between the current and the future state using a variety of proven tools. We partner with you to:

  • Define the future state
  • Map the workflow
  • Identify pain points
  • Identify improvements
  • Establish Flow/Eliminate waste
  • Develop a cycle of incremental improvements

Stellar Mission
Stellar Vision

Stellar Mission
Stellar Vision